Vocation Relocation t/a Career Training Internships

Rubicon Centre, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork

021 492 8970 021 4928971


Vocation Relocation t/a Career Training Internships is a training firm, founded with the aim to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between European countries promoting the mobility of its citizens. Presently, they focus on the coordination of educational programmes which enable the acquisition of linguistic and professional competences within Ireland. This education seeks to give European trainees an edge and expand their horizons. They place trainees within Cork-based businesses with skills in admin, marketing (including digital), IT, web development, retail multimedia. These trainees are fully-funded, insured and have Police Clearance Certificates. They also have longer-term trainees available at a small cost to a company. These trainees have a higher degree of skill and experience in their specialist areas.