Welcome to Little Island Business Association (LIBA) which is the not for profit organisation formed in 2012 to promote and market Little Island locally, nationally and internationally and to provide a platform for businesses in the area to network and do more business. Little Island Business Association will represent the interests of all business sectors who are its members. The President of Little Island Business Association is William Cuddy of Cuddy O’ Leary & Foley Chartered Accountants and the CEO is Michael Mulcahy of No1 Media Group.

There are over 1,000 businesses operating in the Little Island area at present with thousands of employees in Little Island and over 17,000 employees and visitors to Little Island every day. The main aim of the Association is to promote businesses in the area be they large, medium or small as well as encouraging more businesses to invest in our area that will provide more jobs.


LIBA is very grateful to its Founding Patrons for their continued support in assisting in the development of Little Island Business Association and in its strategy to transform the area by creating, developing and implementing initiatives that will make the area a better place to live, work and do business in.